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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

I decided on Thursday what I needed in my knitting life was a distraction from my ongoing and seemingly never-ending projects. The Astrick is still sitting in the naughty chair for being such a misbehaved piece of knitting and the Urbana has sadly not finished itself while I wasn't looking. Both socks still need their mates and I want to have all of this and a second Boneyard finished before July 1st and the Blog a-long starts. But, the mojo wasn't there and when it's gone, you need to find a way to get it back. So that was my mission on Thursday. Find my mojo. And I did.

I was reading another blog, which sadly I can't link to right now. (I am still waiting for comments to reappear after the little temper tantrum that Blogger had last week and I'm not sure whose blog it was that I was reading at the time but I do know that they had left a comment on my WIP Wednesday post.) And there, in the blog post, I saw washcloths. Really cute washcloths. I have a dishcloth pattern that I make. But these were different and cute and would be an excellent addition to Christmas gifts especially if I asked my friend to give my a few bars of soap. (She makes her own bars of soap in her kitchen, it's amazing) So it was decided on the spot. My mojo wasn't lost, it was just hanging out with the washcloths.

This pleased me for a number of reasons. First, more Christmas Knitting. YAY! (You can tell it's still very early in the process since I am making these to be additions to other gifts and not the whole gifts themselves.) Next, stash knitting (and even better) cotton stash knitting. And finally, fast easy knitting that will act as a palate cleanser and let me get back to my other projects. So off to Ravelry I ran to get some patterns.

But here's the thing. I'm me. And me being me means that I am not making two or three or even five washcloths as my distractions. Those numbers are way to small. I'm making fourteen. That's right, fourteen. When completed there will be 5 Dragonfly cloths, (those are already finished,)

 4 coffee cup cloths. (One down three to go.) 

3 flamingos, and 2 Tardis cloths. (What would the plural of Tardis be anyway? Tardii? Tardises?) 

That will be a set of three for my mom, my mother in law, and my sister in law. Also for the first time I am making a gift for the work staff exchange. Each set will also have a bar or two of soap and I will be down a few balls of the dreaded cotton. The Tardis washcloths are for us. (Just finished the second season and cried like a baby when Rose was left standing on the beach.)

But that's it. That's may palate cleanser. Some might argue that's a whole meal, but what can I say. It's where the mojo took me. And clearly it's working since I'm thinking I will finish typing this and maybe knit a few rows on the Urbana. And if it was your blog that had the washcloths on it. Thanks for the inspiration.


  1. I love the dragonfly cloths! I'm going to have to look that up and make some for my friends!

  2. I think it's tardises, but don't quote me :D Is the pattern on Ravelry?

    I have a friend that collects dragonflies and I need to get her a little gift. I think I've found one!

    Great job on your cloths!