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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday May 18th

So there is some exciting news in the WIP front. First, my Urbana has finally reached the point where I am finishing rows in a reasonable amount of time! I am thrilled. And I am not ashamed to admit that on Monday, when I realized that I still had 60 rows of decreasing to do before I could bind off, I just about burst into tears. For a brief moment, I prayed for the wrap to spontaneously combust into a ball of wooly fire or that somehow a plague of lace weight eating locusts would magically appear and eat the accursed thing right out of my hands. ANYTHING so that I would be finished with it. Of coarse the only thing I could do was just keep on knitting, (and knitting and knitting.) So that's what I did and wonder of wonders, I may be able to finish the knitting this afternoon. I am so happy to have today off work and the afternoon slated for knitting with my BFF and Little J, (who really tries to help us while we knit.) But there has been progress of the best sort and I am becoming a happy knitter again. This is all I have left to deal with!!

Also, The Year Of Projects challenge is starting to take shape. We have our own group now called Come Blog A-long on Ravelry. Come check us out. It's got a lot more attention then I thought it would. I'm amazed that other people think that it's a good idea. More updates about that as things take shape. I have my projects picked. But as always I think I've overestimated what I'm capable of and will have to remove a few things. (Or I may just continue on in my fibre induced madness and try to do them all.) Either way, it will be an interesting challenge.


  1. love the colour of your yarn, its lush!!
    i fancy joining in your blog along, and joined the group on rav yesterday, i just have no idea how i am going go about it lol

  2. Urbana, wish I could see it better...think I told you I was in Urbana, so am most curious what you're making that has that name

  3. YAY for getting close to finishing your Urbana!

    Okay, such a great idea for the blog-a-long. I'll have to decide to participate. Sometimes things like this make me totally stressed. LOL I'll look through my queue and see what I would make. It would be fun to also try and have a lot of the yarn from stash to make the projects, or have a bit of the yarn by July 1.