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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesdays an update.

Three of my ongoing WIPS have been receiving love this week.
First, one Lenore is finished. As always, when I get through the lace cuff, the rest flies off the needles and it becomes a fast and even slightly boring knit. I am going to wait until the weekend to cast on the next one so I don't have a whole day at work and a trip to the gym to contend with while I'm trying to cast on something that I find personally very challenging.
The spinning is going well and I have completed 1/2 of the roving in this colourway. I'm starting to fill the second bobbin and I'm hoping to start plying next week.

Lastly is my Urbana. Cognitively, I know that I am making progress on this. I have moved from the increase to the decrease section and I am using the second ball of "When I Bit Him." I can see these things happening right before my eyes, and yet I am convinced that no real progress I being made. Somehow, this particular project is warping the time and space continuum, breaking the laws of physics, and many of Einstein's Laws of Relativity. I pick this project up and somehow, magically, time stands still. I knit, I religiously decrease on each row, and yet I swear that each row is not taking any less time then they did 5 days ago. I am really beginning to believe that this is a life long knitting project and one day when I'm too old and sore and jaded to continue, I will have to find a much younger knitter who still has the stamina and vigor of youth to finish tackling this thing. Forget heirloom knitting, this is generational knitting. I am sticking with it and am hoping that one day soon I will have a finished Urbana to show you. Just don't hold your breath. I'm not.  ;)

So what WIP is currently going on forever in your world?


  1. Lovely socks! Your spinning is gorgeous - I am way behind on my spinning - you've inspired me to get moving!!

  2. I feel like I'm in sock world as I make my rounds around wipw...everyone has socks or parts there off. lol

    Love the color your spinning, very pretty and reminds me of the setting sun.

    Urbana...had to laugh as I was reading for several reason, 1--I made a post on Urbana just recently on my travel blog, 2--I was born in Urbana. And talking about decreasing a and the rows I just did in my most recent post about a blanket...are we in each other's heads. lol

    Good luck with all your projects.

  3. I'm loving the colour of your spinning... it's gorgeous.

  4. I'm really loving the colour yellow! and your spinning is gorgeous!

    my forever WIP is the knitted birthday cake! i am not feeling the love! lol

  5. You did make me giggle about Urbana, I hope you 'see' the ending soon!

  6. Your sock looks really good. And your spinning is amazing. I love the color.

  7. I'm sure the Urbana will succumb soon. I adore your spun yarn by the way - gorgeous colour.

    (from the ex-CraftyCripple)

  8. Both the sock and the spinning are making me swoon a little---mmm, colours.

    And oh gosh, your description of the neverending Urbana made me giggle. I hope it will somehow speed up and finish itself while you're not even paying attention. Those things happen sometimes, right?

  9. Beat Urbana down with those needles ... she will not get the better of you... LOL!!!

    The socks look great, I'm really loving the color!!!

  10. good luck with the Urbana. The sock looks fab :)

  11. I've had Urbana-like projects, too. Suddenly you'll turn the corner though & the end will be in sight!

    Beautiful colors on everything. Your spun yarn is going to be fabulous.

  12. That sock is beautiful! I personally find almost everything about knitting socks challenging (although I spent several weeks on a ribbed cuff that got intensely boring).

    The WIP that's going on forever in my world is the one I started last week. I know it's not going on forever as I just started it -- but I can tell with how long it's taking me to make progress even when I work diligently on it that it's going to be one of THOSE projects. I'd better start something smaller to keep my sanity. . .

    Best of luck finishing Urbana. :)

  13. Love your spinning! So beautiful, as is the sock, too!

    I'm sure you'll have no problem finishing the Urbana. :)

  14. Yay socks! They seem to be everywhere this week. Sorry to hear that your shawl is a bit of a slog. I promise it actually *is* getting smaller, and soon it will even be noticeable. Hang in there -- it's lovely!

  15. Wow, those socks are nice! I ordered some yarn yesterday to try some sock knitting... But your yarn look much nicer :P