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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blog Through a Book

Last year the owners of my favourite LYS, The Purple Purl, decided to knit through a book.  Being the owners of a store, they had lots of books to pick from and an unlimited supply of materials.  Their journey has inspired me, and I thought why not give it a go too.
But, let's be honest, things are always more fun with your friends, so I posted about it on Ravelry.  And a little to my surprise, there are other knitters/crocheters who seem to think this is a good idea!  
So we tossed some ideas around and decided that a whole book might be a little too intimidating both time/project wise and financially for most of us.  But what are knitters if not adaptable? So with some modifications, here's a year of knitting and blogging together or for simplicity sake, "Blog Through a Book."

How to pick your patterns: 
There are a few options here, pick one:
Pick some or all of the patterns from one book or magazine. 
Create a collection of patterns that you assemble from Rav or any source (one person suggested the top 10 patterns on Rav.) Basically, make your own book.
Pick a number of patterns from your Queue. 
Maybe you want to finish all of your WIPS, and using them as your Blog Through a Book list will be the last push you need to finish them off and get your needles back.

There is no minimum/maximum number of patterns (if you want to try to do a whole book, go for it.)
*This does not mean you are committing to only knit/crochet these patterns for the next year.  This is about goal setting* (I will have to  try to balance my choices with Christmas Knitting.)
What we will be doing: 

On July 1/2011 (or something close to that) post all the patterns you’ve picked on your blog.
Every Monday after that we can post about the progress/frustration/insanity related to committing to a certain number of projects and a public timeline.
You can post on the Raverly thread and I am going to scurry off and see if I can add a "Mr. Linky" widget to my blog for us.

Please keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun.  There really are no set rules other then posting your pattern choices on July 1st.  We are here to be each other's cheering squads!! This is not a competition with each other.  You need to pick a number of patterns that is a challenge for you personally and there is no need to explain or justify your final number.  This is meant as a way to knit, blog, share, and build a community while engaging in a personal challenge.

Currently, I am waiting not too patiently for Mr Linky to send me my confirmation code.  Once I get that I will add it to this post so people can start signing up.  For now, check out the Ravelry thread


  1. Yay! Have updated my post to link to this blog entry now.

  2. Great idea but I don't think I'll be participating in July. Knitting has been painful so I'm trying to take a rest and doing other crafts instead.

    It is a stroke of genius, though!