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Monday, May 23, 2011

It's About the Finishing

 I go through phases with my knitting. Sometimes it's all about the "starting." I see things and must cast them on. During those time I show very little self control and cast on as much as I want. (This is usually followed shortly after by me realizing that I have too many things in the needles and then I have to try to sort that out.)

But sometimes, it's about the finishing. I love these phases. My focus seems to be stronger and I can look at pretty things and think "when I am finished project X, I can cast on that pretty thing." Thankfully and happily I am in the mood to finish things. It's also a long weekend here, which is helping with the finishing of things.

First is the Boneyard for my Grandmother for Christmas. It's not blocked yet, but will be by the end of the day. I am so happy to have it finished and it is slightly different then the one that I made for myself. (Watch for comparison photos after the blocking is finished.) It has left my right wrist a shade tender so it's off to the lighter WIPS for me.

That brings me to the washcloths. I am happy to say that they clearly did their job and distracted me long enough to finish the knitting on my Urbana. (Still no blocking done yet, but this week for sure.) And now, they want to be finished. I am currently working on the 7th of the 14 that I am making. And probably by the time I am ready to post this the first Tardis will be complete.

First is finished!
I am hoping to have all these projects blocked and photographed by Friday, so check out the FO Friday post to see what I accomplish. It's so very good to have goals.


  1. I have that washcloth pattern in my queue! It was too cute (and too geeky) for me to pass up. How fast did the pattern go for you?

  2. Hey Samantha. It's really fast. It took me a couple of hours. Was finished within a couple episodes of Dr. Who.

  3. Loving the Tardis, my fellow Whovian.