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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now? 2kcbwday4

Once upon a time there were two gnomes names Rupert and Gnomie. In the beginning they were nothing more then a pile of wool and stuffing, some needles and a pattern. But, the maker loved the gnomes even before they were created and with her steady hands and knitting skills the two gnomes were created and the maker was happy.

The older of the two gnomes, Rupert, was immeditaly snatched up by the makers Husband and he become Rupert's Keeper. Rupert followed his keeper to work to keep him company while he was away from the desk and filling in for the company's driver. This gave Rup many exciting days of watching the world go by through the window of the truck. He learned much about Canada and even become familiar with a great Canadian icon, Tim Hortens.  Rupert loved it when his keeper stopped for coffee and the cab of the truck was filled with with the pleasant smell and hoped one day to try some of his own. After a few months, a new driver was found and Rupert and his keeper returned indoors. Shortly after that, Rupert returned to the home of the maker as the keeper was concerned about leaving him alone in the warehouse everynight due to the cold, the mice, and the workers who may not treat him as well as they should. He now sitting happily by the door keeping a watchful eye on his maker and keeper and soaks in all the company of the many people who pass through thier home.

Gnomie is much loved by his keeper. Togther they lead an exciting life of adventure killing dragons and murlocs and alien races. Gnomie learns much about these far away places and when he has brought his keeper luck, he is sometimes rewarded with sip of his keepers favourite whiskey. Gnomie is a constant companion during any time his keeper spends on the computer for either work or play amd thus Gnomie has learned much about the working of the computer world and contiues to improve his skills. One day he hopes to be an editor on Ravelry.

Both Gnomes are happy and loved and this pleases the maker. She smiles when she thinks of how such a small gnome has brought about such a large amount of joy.       


  1. Loved your post today - and nice to catch up on the ones I missed before!

  2. Thanks! I had fun writing this one.

  3. So glad they are living happy little lives!! Nice post.

  4. aww this post was really cute I loved it

  5. A cute story! Glad the gnomes are having a long and fulfilling life.

  6. MRRRGGLLLL! (OK, that was a bad approximation, but you know what I'm getting at.)
    I loved this post, and not only because of the murloc reference, but because my pup's name is Rupert. Your Rupert is definitely more travelled than my boy is, but they both share a love for Timmie's.