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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skill + 1UP 2kcbwday2

I've been struggling with this entry. How do you make the skills that you've learned interesting to read about. And, then while I was working on a shawl for my Nan, it struck me.  I've done steeking. 

 That's right, I have learned how to purposely cut up my knitting. Even worse, I learned how to steek when I was brutally hung over. (Vodka is very , very bad and should never be consumed. Apparently 3 martinis are all it takes and believe me, not worth the cost of admission.) So there I was in my steeking class with my BFF and the owner of the store and my friend Glenna from Knitting to Stay Sane who is really a Steeking Queen, still going through withdrawl and not sure that I could see straight let alone take a pair of scissors to my colour-work. (Thankfully, we had Mimosa to go with the yummy breakfast food we had all brought with us. Hair of the dog was a really good thing that morning.) And then a pair of scissors are thrust into my hands and I was forced to cut up my own knitting. 
Arm Hole after steeking

 I wanted to throw up, for more than one reason. So I took a deep breath and cut. And you know what? My knitting did not explode into a tangled unravelled mess. It stayed right were I put it. It really stayed. I was shocked and thrilled and learned that there is great value in being able to steek your work. I learned how to steek with a crocheted edge and how to make a seam with a sewing machine. I learned how to make arm holes and most importantly, learned that steeking wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Arm hole before steeking
Will I ever start using this technique in my day to day knitting? Probably not. Am I really happy that I learned a skill that I found super challenging and frankly downright terrifying? One Hundred percent. I recommend that at least once you give it a try. It's worth the effort. Just for the love of God, stay the hell away from the vodka before you do.   


  1. WOW that sounds terrifying. Glad it worked out for you though.

  2. That was really brave of you; I don't get it,or felting either :-)

  3. steeking seems such a clever idea and I know that in principle it works, I have just never faced the possibility of doing it - and that makes me glad.

  4. Why is it that almost all steeking stories involve fortifying oneself with alcohol? Loving the idea of a mimosa for breakfast..

  5. you are BRAVE, learning to steek on a hangover!

  6. Steeking is something I want to try. Once. At least. But I thought you were supposed to have the drink *after* cutting the steek, not before!