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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy April Fools! 2kcbwday5

Have you seen this Knitwear?

This beautiful piece of knitware has been missing since that really cold day in February 2010 when it was snatched directly from the owners home.
The owner is quoted as saying "it was like a nightmare come true. I came home from my overnight shift at the hotel and wanted to curl up with the shawl that my niece made me and that's when I discovered that it was gone."
It is believed that the owners mother, the knitter's Grandmother, is directly responsible for the theft.

If you or any other knitter has infromation about this shawl, please send your tips to the Missing Knitware Hotline at 800.555.knit

One Clapotis in Kigou ppm, 3 skeins
more details on the event can be found here


  1. Ha, ha, ha, very funny and creative!

  2. You should call the knitting police. They'll have no trouble charging an old lady with grand theft clapo.

  3. That's a beautiful Clapotis. I notice there doesn't seem to be a reward posted though ;)

  4. OH NO! It's lovely though.

  5. Well, I know theft is wrong, but I can see why she did it. :-)

  6. I agree with Del I can so see why it was stolen XD I hope the knitting police find it

  7. I can understand why that was "stolen." It's fantastic and full of fire!

  8. Nice. I like your wily granny.

  9. Those grannies, you gotta watch em' like a hawk.