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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moments of Joy

I've been very fortunate in the last week that I have had two moments of true joy associated with my knitting. The first made me smile a whole body type smile. The second, uncontrollable giggling.

The first came from talking to my 90 year old grandmother. In the middle of our conversation, she blurted out that she “loved the beautiful shawl that I made last year for my Aunt.” (It's a Clapotis made in red bamboo.) So when she was visiting her a few weeks ago, she “borrowed” it and now whenever she gets cold “she wraps herself up and rolls around in it.” I can't even type this without smiling. You have to understand that my Grandmother lives in a tiny town in Northern Ontario. She's right on the North Shore of Lake Superior, so it's cold up there. She must wear the shawl all the time. I love knowing that she's happy to have it and that she's feeling my love from all the miles away just by staying warm. (I am a little sad for my Aunt, who has now lost two years of knitted Christmas gifts to other people. She needs to stop showing things off.)

The second is when my package from the World Domination /Smart-Ass Knitters group arrived. Admittedly that on it's own is enough to make me happy. Really, what knitter wouldn't be pleased to have a package with gorgeous hand-dyed yarn delivered to them. But this package was extra special. I knew that this package also contained the lace weight that I had ordered from IndigoDragonfly back in November. She was good enough to hold it for me and toss it in with my package so when she made her next delivery to the city everything would come at once and I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. So the package is given to me and I tear into it with the enthusiasm of a very small child in a very big candy store. (Just for the record, my husband is very methodical when he opens presents. It drives me insane. Tear into the damn things would you!!!!!) 

First I pulled out my two skeins of lace weight. The colourway, Slutty Thursday Afternoon Things. (Kim really names her colourways better then anyone else I know.) The appropriate amount of fondling was completed before reaching for my “club yarn.” I spent a few minutes going completely gaga over the colour and the fact that it's Cashmere before noticing the name of the colourway. The name you ask? F**K You. No, I'm not making this up. (All of the colour names have a story behind them. This one Kim claims is for all of us who have wanted to scream it out at the top of our lungs. Thinking she was a shade frustrated with life when coming up with this name.) So, I line up all my new yarn and I start giggle snorting and finally manage to compose myself long enough to enquire what exactly is being implied about my personality by sending me both “Slutty” and “F You” in the same package? I don't know. Maybe you have to know one, or both of us to find it funny, but I gotta say I was having an “F You” kind've day at that point and thinking about that made me giggle every single time and helped turn a crummy day into a much better one.
"F" You

Oh, there is one last joy. Not having to do any Holiday knitting today. Not because I'm finished, but because I feel like I can take a little break without going nuts. Maybe this will be the year of miracles.

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