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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progress of a Sort

It's just over two months into my "cold sheep pledge", and aside from my little slip off the wagon with Indigodragonfly when I spent the weekend with her, I've been doing really well. I am actually enjoying it. This is a bit of a shock. But I'm really excited to be using up old stash and was even more thrilled when I was able to move a big chunk of yarn out of the living room and into the closet. I am one step closer to having everything in one place. I even have made an attempt to start organizing things. This did not go entirely as planned.

I have Lamb's Pride in my stash. Some of it I have bought and have used so only ends remain. Some I have inherited from my friends. (I know this conclusively because I found receipts tucked in to the balls that have the names of my friends on them.) Some are from my first attempt at making a sweater for my husband. That didn't really go so well and it was frogged. It felts beautifully and I went through a felted cat bed Christmas gift phase during which I happily took whatever people offered me. (As an aside, my spell check program hates the word “frogged.” You'd think by now it would realize that it lives with a knitter. )

Ten days ago, I decided it was time for the Lamb's Pride to go. I was never going to use it again for anything and I was going to offer it up to my knitting friends, especially my one friend who felts everything. So I grabbed my emergency energy bar, bottle of water and a Sherpa, and dove into the mess stash to pile up all the Lamb's Pride in my living room. This is what I found.

I was stunned. My only thought was “where did this all come from.” Staring at the pile, I realized that I wasn't going to give this away, though this would have made my life much simpler. I realized that this was going to become a gypsy blanket. I've finished six squares so far. The ironic part is that I've had other knitting friends have offer me more ends if I can use them. I've said yes...... I think I may be missing the point a little on this one. Sigh.

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