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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to the Grind

While I believe that missing a day of work because I am “this close” to producing my first FO's of 2011 is valid, I know that my boss wouldn't agree with that. (What can I say, she's not a knitter.) So it was back to work for me after two weeks off over the Christmas holidays. It's back to sneaking in a few rows here and there in with my morning coffee and knitting, sometimes with friends, over lunch breaks in our local coffee shop or park. (when the park's not buried in snow.) I knit in the evenings after a trip to the gym and dinner. I dream of one day finding a way to make this my paying job. (But then again, don't we all.) So far, I've managed to create a couple of regular “energy exchanges” where I devote a little of my time to knitting related work and come away with books and yarn for my efforts. I really can't complain. When I think about it, the week before Christmas was really busy too and there wasn't a whole lot of knitting time that week either.
F**K You around a cup of Mulled Wine.  
However, even though I was back to the real world, it did manage to cast on a lot of stuff and finish my first two FO's for 2011.

The first, are my pair of F**K You gloves. I have decided that these will be my “computer gloves.” Anyone who lives in a climate where they get a good heaping of winter every year will understand why it is sometimes necessary to have gloves on while typing on the computer.

The second is Presto Chango for my bff's baby girl. It's made with yarn that she gifted to me while trying to make space for the little bundle of crying, pooping, joy. (Actually, she's an adorable baby who I am completely smitten with.) I love the idea of giving my bff back some of her yarn in finished product form. I was going to save it for Little J's first birthday, but the kid is growing, both upwards and outwards, so freakin' fast that I am a little worried it may not fit. It may the only time in the 30 odd years of my life that someone gets an Easter present from me. Photo coming soon.

And, A very belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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